Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Kids lose everything unless there's
someone there to look out for them.

So, I just wanted to quote my favorite movie, Stand By Me, and to make this fashion related, I'm going to show you peeps a shirt dress I'm pretty much in love with. It saw it on Style Bubble and I practically died. I never heard of the designer before, but they have some pretty simple but nice things. They're an Australian designer named Alpha60. I'm not a huge fan, but I practically had a heart attack when I saw that. Like, River Phoenix (my dead hubby) on my clothes? YES, PLEASE! How badass is that?

(style bubble)
River Phoenix = ♥♥♥
Clothes = ♥♥
So, if River Phoenix = ♥♥♥ and clothes = ♥♥ then:
River Phoenix + clothes = ♥♥♥♥♥
Get it, got it, good. I know it's pretty complex, but just pay close attention. (;

I'm going to go be paranoid and watch America's Most Wanted now. Y'know, I don't know why I watch that show. It freaks the hell out of me and I live in Canada, so I really have no reason to watch it. I just do. Did you hear that they found John Walsh's son's killer?! Yeah. I think he died though. So that was a waste. You know what's a waste? Spending three hours looking all over your house and retracing your steps within that last 24 hours to find out that it was under your pillow in your room. That happens to my dad all the time. He thought he lost his wallet but he didn't. It was in his jacket. This one time, he left it on the roof of his car and drove home and it fell off on the highway and then about half an hour later, this lady comes to the door and she was all "I found your wallet on the highway." and we were like "WTF? We didn't even know it was missing."

And that's my story.
Nighty-night. ( :


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Mario Augusto Pereira said...

Ohh my... Where i can get this t-shirt? It's so beautiful....
River on my mind FOREVER!