Sunday, November 15, 2009

Do you realize that you
have the most beautiful face?

I know it's been awhile I'm sorry omg. :(
I haven't had time to do anything. Blaaah!
Anyway, thanks for all the comments broskis and siskis. 'Preciate it. :)

SO ANYWAY. I was thinking I would make a list of all the songs that I have been living off of for the past month or so.
Numero uno, KID CUDI. This man is a freaking genius! Legitly.

Secondly, Do You Realize by The Flaming Lips. My favouritest song right now. :)

Hayloft by Mother Mother. They are a Canadian band. Love them. This song especially. :)

I'll finish later. I should really stop holding off my project before I fail...


GWYN said...

loving your work and all the best for your project :D i trust you won't fail ;)

ps. love polyvore!

Anonymous said...

ooh great songs

Guruizzm said...

love the songs! thanks for sharing!

¡B¡ZDA ¡SH¬ said...

Me and you goin' over Cudi.

Nancy said...

I love the Flaming Lips. Thanks for reminding me of this song!