Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It seems like everywhere I go,
the more I see the less I know.

Bonjurno! As of today I have pretty much been healed from THE SWINE. I kid you not. I was bed ridden for days. I missed my best friends birthday because I couldn't leave my bed. It was such a mission to go to the bathroom and my room is right beside it. It was bad.
But I'm better now so it's okay!
On a brighter note, IT SNOWED TODAY. Which totally reminded me that Christmas is coming up. Which also reminded me that I need to sign up for my volunteering tomorrow when I leave the house for the first time in almost a week. YES! I wrap gifts at the local mall for a charity. I love it. It makes me so happy!
Ahhh, it's gonna be a good Christmas this year. Speaking of which, what's a good gift to get a boyfriend? Cause I have no idea. He got me a ring that has something engraved in it. Not saying what it is. Hahaha. Then he's getting me something else. I need to get something good. GOOGLE HERE I COME. :)

Before I go, I recommend you listen to this. Kid Cudi is a smart man.



GWYN said...

good that you're feeling better now :) x

Betsy said...

cool blog!!!!!!!!

jasmine, aka anna said...

I really really adore your music taste, just letting you know!

Vorega Badalamenti Hartoto Hardikusumo said...

hope youre getting beter dear! haio and me back to the bloggers world!

Dylana said...

Hope you had an amazing Xmas!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!
and I love that kid cudi song!