Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I can't get over the way 
you love me like you do. 

I know I've been basically MIA for the last month or so but I have reason to! I have no time for anything. My room still looks like a hurricane went through it so I obviously haven't progressed much.
Anyway, I took time out of my busy schedule and, as way for me to procrastinate on my already large pile of binders and textbooks waiting for me on my bed, I made an inspiration thingy. YAY.

Lo and behold, zee insparatshun.  

James Dean, "Fame Is Boring" magazine cut out, Alice In Wonderland (SO excited for the movie), Lady Gaga, the stars reflecting off of icicles (I recommend looking it up. It's beautiful!), pretty lady with cool tights and an intense pocket watch, the sky at night (beaut), fireworks, SPACE (YUS!), MORE SPACE (DOUBLE YUS!), Chanel McD's, assorted pictures, newspaper cutouts, SPACE...AGAIN.

Cute, ain't it? Is it obvious that space is kind of amazing to me right now...?
Yeah...I didn't think so either. I should've put more. Dang nabbit.


kirstyb said...

love the collage x

Anonymous said...

lovely inspiration. & thanks for commenting.


Thank you very very much. i appreciate have a cute blog! :)

Raez said...

love this! i love seeing how other people are inspired, this is awesome:):)

xx raez