Saturday, November 6, 2010

Well, you can't get what you want,

but you can get me. 

First things first, VISIT THIS BLOG. Love it. You may have heard about it already. It's called Hivennn.
Secondly, I've realized that my blog has turned more music oriented buuuuuut that's cause I haven't had time for fashion browsing/funess at all. I have found some pretty dope songs though. Don't worry, my fashioness is coming back! I was going to post some stuff from Balmain's Spring 2011 but blogger's being a meanie. 

Now that that's all cleared up, enjoy some of my most recent music finds. :)


Annika said...

jesus christ coldplay. why are you so amazing? i love your blog, the music is great!

Brad said...

Cool music! I love it!

Brad Fallon