Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We raced the sunset,
and we almost won.

Did anyone else watch the Oscars? More importantly, did anyone watch the Oscars and realize how hot James Franco is? I did! :D

Mmmm. :D
What's cookin', good lookin'? (;
Like really! The guy looks good with a dead animal head beside him. o:
He makes me weak in the knees.
Along with River Phoenix and James Dean. These be my boyyyyyz. 8)

Sizzle sizzle. (;
I'm in love with two dead guys. D:
Oh my.

I have no fashion motivation whatsoever right now, so expect pointless posts from me. Kthanks. :D




emilyk said...

they are ffuiiine =)
espically the first onne =)
anyways hope everythings good

- emilyk @ S W A G G O L O G Y

Anonymous said...

james dean and james franco..
my lovers:)