Wednesday, March 18, 2009

'Cause all of the stars are fading away.
Try not to worry, you'll see them someday.


Look familiar? Yeah, they were on the "what I want" post I made. They aren't the EXACT ones because well, I can't afford the exact ones (129 dollars later). But they're similar! And they're 50 bucks! Buying? YESSIR! They look alike, don't they? (:
I'm happy now.

They look better in person, I swear.

FASHION WEEK TIME! H'okay. Two words: Alexander Wang.

(,, piperlime)
Like, WOW. I freaking love this collection. A lot.
I love every single thing about this, from the fierce look (LAWLZ) in the model's eyes to those gorgeous buckled boots. BEEEEE-YOO-TEE-FUL.
I'm currently obsessed with oversized so...two points for that. And we already know I get weak in the knees when I see a perfectly tailored blazer. Love! :)
I can't begin to explain how much I love Mr. Alexander Wang's clothes.

OHMYGERSH. Look what I made on MS paint. It's like SOO COOOOL!!!1111!

I got bored and I was like "ILOVEMCQUEEN" so I made this. I also made that banner up there that says "Fashion Bible". Go ahead, take a look. I won't tell anyone. (;
I was going to make a "God save..." thing for Alexander Wang, but...that would sound funny so I decided that I would leave that for another day. Or never.


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miky said...

love the shoes!