Thursday, March 19, 2009

I had a dream last night we drove out to see Las Vegas.
We lost ourselves in the bright lights, I wish you could've seen us.

I just saw Anna Sui's collection and I LURVEEEE it. Not as much as Balmain, but still, pretty hot. ;)

Usually I'm usually into really clean, simple, tailored pieces that are lacking in the colour department, so I was surprised when I found myself drooling over these.

Of course, I had to sneak in a little monochrome. It's what I do.
I did find one outfit that was barf-tastic. But that could be because it reminds me of a deer. I REALLY hate deer. A lot.

I'm not totally sure why this reminds me of a deer. There's absolutely nothing about it that's deer-like.
Er. What kind of noise do meese make? Wait. Meese isn't a word. Meeses? What's the plural of moose? :S
WHATEVER. I have to go clean.
If you know the plural of moose or what sound they make...or both...LET ME KNOW, PLZTHNKS. :D




yoooo. said...

Awesome blog. I'll definetly drop by more often :)

E said...

you know, there's something to be said for colorful F/W collections. it's so easy to go black and gray. and this is so very Anna Sui it's unmistakable. very nice.

Alice X said...

i LOOOVE anna sui always. alwaysss.

Yuka said...

i love all the ethnic print. those hats are so cute. its a diy project waiting to happen.
great choices!

Victoria C said...

plural of moose is still moose haha
i love anna sui always, she's a constant favourite who i feel is totally underrated by fashion bloggers, so glad you agree! xx

Chloe said...

Anna Sui is amazing as always!
Your blog is great!

Olivia said...

anna sui = love :)