Friday, March 20, 2009

Oily marks appear on walls,
where pleasure moments hung before.

I went to the mall today (I bought shorts. WOOOOO SPRING/SUMMER!) with my cousin and we ended up going to Winners for like, ten hours (for those of you who don't know, Winners is where companies send the clothes that they don't want anymore so it's brand names mixed with indie labels mixed with sweat shop clothes) and in the midst of it all, I saw a hipster. A HIPSTER. That was the first hipster I've ever seen in my town. I've seen them when I went to Toronto and New York, but never in this town. So me being the awkward, sheltered person I am, I was kind of freaking out. I was like "OMGHIPSTER?!" and I kept staring at him, amazed. We don't have people like that here, so obviously I'm going to be like:

The whole time my cousin was like "What the eff? You're so creepy!" and I was all "I'm not a creepy person!" (LOLFRED).

Oh, and thank you to Victoria from Chic Heroin for telling me the plural of moose. In case any of you were wondering, it's moose. I know, I felt stupid too.

Speaking of stupid, I was watching the City (Team Whitney! Olivia's cheekbones are scary! Yay!) and I saw some of Diane Von Furstenburg's collection and it looked iight. So I went on to see the whole thing and I was kind of disappointed (soz, DVF). Some of the pieces were like "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?" but then I saw some that made me go wide eyed (Y'know. When you see something you love and you're all "ONG!11!1!!"). Usually I don't question DVF's designs but this time I did. I kind of feel terrible for saying all this because it's her and all. If she read this, she could snap her long skeletal fingers and get me thrown out by security. Of course, she can't throw me out of a blog...but she'll find some way to throw me out of something. She will invite me to the Meat Packing District of New York in which she resides and when I get there, she'll kick me out, crushing any dreams I had of her actually being my BFF. :(
HAH, I wish.
If she refuses my invitation to be my BFF4L (best friend forever for life? LOLZ.) then I'll force my moose (grammar, children!) on her and they will be making moose noises at her!
Wait...what noise does a moose make? :(

I'm really hyper because I have a friend over right now. We're eating oreos and drinking energy drinks. Yummy. :D
I should probably go hang out with her...
Yeah. I'll go do that.

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