Friday, May 1, 2009

You electrify my life.

Chanel's Tribeca Film Fest Dinner- April 24th

It's just a coincidence that all the ones I like consist of black, red and white. I swear.

Parsons Fashion Benefit- April 30th

OLIVIA! Her cheek bones are intimidating. They're sharp enough to kill. /:
CHRIS BENZ. FTW. He looks like that guy from Silverchair. Hmm...weird. I never knew how he looked up until today...

These are the only pictures of people I could find that weren't posed in an awkward stance. /:

I'm going to bed now. BYE.


♥ fashion chalet said...

Dree Hemingway always looks a work of magic, adore her plenty :) and MK too!


Putri Erdisa said...

wii.. they're all cool, uh?
as cool as your blog then.. :)

please do visit my blog too dear.