Sunday, July 19, 2009

I wish I was strong enough to breathe,
without you in my life.

So I was going through the Lookbook forum at like, 5 this morning, and came across this post about Primark's new...line...I guess you can call it. I didn't know what Primark was before this. Well no...that's a lie. I heard of it, but I never knew what they sold. I mean like, I know they sell clothes...but I didn't know what kind of clothes! That's it! :P
Anywho. I saw one of the dresses and it was an incredibly tacky Balmain rip off. I was like "WTF REALLY?!"





It's cool when you're inspired by something, but ripping it off like that just looks tacky. I hate it. GRRRRRR PEOPLE THESE DAYS. Can't come up with their own stuff.

OH, off topic...kind of...anyway...
DID YOU HEAR THAT MADONNA'S STAGE BROKE AND SOMEONE DIED? I just read it a second ago when I got sidetracked from writing this thing. I was like "OMGGGG NO WAY!?!??!?!?"
That kinda sucks. That's probably going to eat away at Madonna for awhile. /:

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kirstyb said...

Ha ha Primark rip off everything thats what its all about! They dont always get it right though xoxoox

info said...

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I'll be back!!


Vorega Badalamenti Hartoto said...


so not cool sam!

Libby said...

I hate rip-offs, but I guess if you want the style and can't afford Balmain its the way to go. BTW I really want Doc Martens too!

DaisyChain said...

I'll add you to my links now x

Ashley said...

Yeah its not surprising. Balmain has the most rips the last two seasons because of Decarnin's universally appealing clothes.

Jasmin Alexia said...

these dresses are amazing. i need more sparkle in my wardrobe!

clare said...

the original is wayyy better. very cute dress

Casey @ Hudson Jeans said...

seriously...those balmain dresses ... i've had my eye on em for months now