Sunday, October 11, 2009

I brought down the sky for you,
but all you did was shrug.

I know it's been a week since I updated. DON'T HATE ME. It's been a long, rough, messed up week full of school, homework, family and drama.
Anyway. I know this happened like, last month, but I just started looking through these again on So I'm kinda behind by a lot. :(

Sykes! :)

What a beaut, eh? I love the rock n' roll feel to it, and the boyfriend blazers and stuff. So pretty!
Want it. Now. Yeah. :)


Dylana said...

I love all this! The blazers are so amazing! I need them in my wardrobe pronto!

rani said...

i love the blue blazer :D have fun there xoxo

stylista said...

I love the first outfit! Check out my blog at

Constance said...

i want it all!!!

Strutt said...

i love what they are wearing!!

and those shoes?

Malu said...

woowoo!:D Cool post!


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Shana said...

The last outfit is super adorable! I love your blog. Can you please follow mine?